Why BigBear?
Strategic Marketing Consultancy


Allan Cambridge: General Manager, Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd.
In Jan 2010, I was asked to establish the UK affiliate of mid-sized Swiss pharmaceutical company. I recruited David shortly afterwards as an interim Marketing Manager with a brief to undertake the initial research on the UK needs in our product sector and to develop an appropriate marketing plan to match those needs . This was a difficult challenge as not only was David to be the only marketing person in the UK company but the company planned to recruit a specialist sales team that was approximately 10% the size of our competitor companies.

Secondly, although the parent company had been the first to launch the active ingredient around the world and was still the international market leader for that active, the UK trade mark rights to the product had been sold to another company some 30 years earlier. Therefore the product we were about to launch had to be sold under a different trademark to that used elsewhere by the parent company, and in competition to what was our own brand in most countries.

Thirdly, while the higher dose product that David was asked to work with had been the “first in class” product when first launched in other countries a few years earlier, it had not been kept up to date with products that had been subsequently brought to market by the competition. Therefore, the role called for smart, innovative solutions which David delivered in abundance. The product was launched on time in Nov 2010 and, by Oct 2011, was leading the market in terms of its USPs. This was supported by a comprehensive and innovative package of patient support material and a website that became the MHRA’s point of reference on how to construct such a website.

David’s close involvement with patient and specialist user focus and advisory groups allowed us to take a holistic approach to the therapeutic area and extend the company’s offering into a range of diagnostic products and the therapeutic solutions to the problem. This ground breaking approach involved all stakeholders in the therapeutic area and quickly positioned the company as a specialist company dedicated to improving the quality of GI healthcare in the UK rather than just simply providing a packet of pills.

David’s work with the company finished at the end of March 2012 when we moved into a second phase of its development, but the success that had been achieved in the previous 18 months in getting the company onto a solid foundation could not have been realised without David’s considerable commitment, energy and enthusiasm for what we were doing, and for his highly innovative solutions to both difficult situations and new market opportunities. He is an exceptional marketeer.

Graham Everitt: Consultant, Practicus
David is an exceptional Pharmaceutical professional, with integrity, commitment and always willing to go the extra mile. I worked with David into the growing UK arm of an international company who were so impressed they retained his services on a full time basis. I have no hesitation in recommending David and look forward to working with him again.

Sven Schaeffer: Marketing Manager, Heel GmbH
David is a great consultant with excellent experiences and background, working highly professional towards an agreed target, delivering outstanding results. Besides his clear strategic orientation he is also very creative and looks out of the box. Least to mention that he is very pleasant to work with.

Jane Meaney: Director at Firefly Pharma Ltd and Archimedes Development Ltd
David has delivered good results on time for several marketing projects. I enjoy working with David, he is clever and creative and has strong analytical skills. He delivers the project in the agreed timeframe and to the brief.

Francisco Sanches Osorio: Group Executive Director at Special Edition Holding
David is a highly-skilled in pharma marketing leader, customer oriented and very easy to work with. David can resume in a user-friendly framework the complex environment of branding in Europe. High knowledge, leadership and excellent networking makes him a high value to any organisation.